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Beanpod Candles are a candle lovers dream candle! These 100% soy candles are quickly becoming America's favorite candle. Simply put if you want soot free candles, metal free wicks, realistic scents, wonderful colors, enviromentally friendly candles that does not cause all the allergy problems this candle is for you and your family.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

5 Star Customer Service on Beanpod Candles Sales

Its good to know where you can get good customer service online!
Where do you feel gives the best service?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Beanpod Candles Ranking 2006

Beanpod Candles #3 Ranking on National Charts
#1 Yankee Candles
#2 Tyler Candles
#3 Beanpod Candles
#4 Root Candles
#5 Colonial Candles
#6 Bridgewater Candles
#7 Old Virginia Candles
#8 Aromatique Candles
#9 Mole Hollow Candles
#10 Trapp Candles

* ranking by Gift Beat magazine December2005/January2006

Beanpod Candle Experts

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Favorite Scents of Beanpod Candles

With so many scents to choose from it can be hard to pick just one. Here is a few helpful suggustions. The top seller nationwide in Earthly Embrace. Other top sellers are Floral: Eucalptus Lavendar and Gardenia, Citrus: Orange Vanilla and Lemon Cirtus, Food: Apple Pie and Whipped Cream, Earthy: Adirondack Mountians and Cedar Chest, Light Scents: Ocean Mist and Fresh Linen and my personal favorites are Chai Latte. What are your favorite Beanpod Candle scents?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

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Why all soy candles are not created equal

Not All Soy Wax Candles Are Created Equal!

There are no other candles on the market like our 100% stabilized soy wax candles. Our candles are designed for a new generation of candle consumers seeking a healthier home and environment by choosing a safer, non-polluting candle.

Soy Basics candles provide vibrant colors and long-lasting fragrances without the need for petroleum-based ingredients. Thanks to our exclusive TEMPACURE™ process, Beanpod Candles™ provide a strong, consistent scent throughout the burn, unlike some soy candles that lose their fragrance once they are lit. And 100% stabilized soy wax offers several natural advantages.
Soy wax burns at a low temperature, providing you with long burn times and, therefore, greater value.
Our acclaimed clean-burn technology promises that our 100% stabilized soy wax candles will burn clean, leaving minimal wax residue on the sides of the jar.
Choosing Soy Basics candles can help you minimize soot emissions and reduce the risk of allergies and asthma attacks, creating a healthier environment for everyone.
Many of the so-called "soy" candles on today's market are actually a blend containing soy and paraffin. 100% stabilized soy wax candles avoid the soot and carcinogens that blended-wax candles can produce.

-compliment of Beanpod Candles

Frequently Asked Questions about Beanpod Candles

Will soy wax candles burn as long as paraffin-based candles?
Yes! In fact, soy wax candles can burn up to 30% longer than paraffin-based candles.

Do soy wax candles have as much fragrance?
Yes! Soy wax candles can actually accommodate more fragrance on a by-weight basis than paraffin-based candles (10% vs. 6%)

Are all soy wax candles the same?
No. Many of the so-called "soy" candles on today's market are actually a blend containing soy and paraffin or vegetable wax. Soy Basics candles are made from 100% stabilized soy wax for a cleaner, more consistent burn.

Are soy wax candles environmentally friendly?
Very. Soy wax is a biodegradable and renewable energy source that is water-soluble and non-toxic. Candles made with 100% stabilized soy wax do not release the petroleum-based pollutants that paraffin candles can produce. In addition, purchasing Soy Basics candles supports the American farmer and provides another source of income back to the U.S. economy.

Will soy wax candles leave residue on my walls or furnishings?
Soy wax candles do not produce the black paraffin soot residue (known as "ghosting") that can accumulate on your walls, ceiling, or furniture.

Why don't you offer pillar candles made of 100% soy?
Soy wax is softer than paraffin, which is one of the reasons you won't find pillar candles made of 100% soy wax. In addition, votive candles made from soy wax need to be burned in a tight-fitting container for maximum fragrance and burn time.

Are there special care instructions for soy wax candles?
There are a few simple steps to follow to get the maximum enjoyment from your Beanpod Candles. Soy wax does not burn as hot as paraffin wax, so soy wax candles require a thicker wick, which does not combust 100%. After each burn, trim the wick to 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch in length to minimize soot and remove any mushrooming of the wick left by the previous burn.When lighting a soy candle for the first time, allow the wax to pool all the way to the sides of the container. (Pooling is simply defined as melted wax. The initial burn of any candle should last as long as it takes to get the melted wax all the way to the edges of the jar - about 1" per hour.) This will give you maximum fragrance and minimize the amount of wax remaining on the sides of the container. If you don't allow the wax to pool on the first burn of your soy wax candle (or any candle), you may get "tunneling", which means the wax simply burns down the center of the candle, leaving wax on the side of the jar.

How are Soy Basics candles made?
Soy Basics incorporates two unique, proprietary methods in the development of our soy wax candles: the cleanburn technology and the TEMPACURE process. The acclaimed cleanburn technology promises that Soy Basics candles will burn clean, leaving minimal wax residue on the sides of the jar. Our Beanpod Candles burn slower and cooler at a lower heat than paraffin wax candles, which are known to have a high combustion rate. And, a slower burn rate means Beanpod Candles deliver greater value than paraffin candles.

-FAQ is compliments of Beanpod Candles

Beanpod candles and Oprah

Beanpod Candles to Team Up with "O at Home" magazine: Beanpod Candles will be teaming up with "O at Home" magazine this coming Fall and Winter 2006. Beanpod Candles will be featuring a full page ad for Beanpod Candles. "O at Home" is a special edition magazines published by Oprah Winfrey.

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Beanpod Candles in Oscar celebrity gift bags

Beanpod Candles is selected to participate in the 2006 Pre-Oscar celebrity gift bag:
These gift bags will be delivered to the homes of Oscar nominees before the awards show. Beanpod Candles was selected as one of the gifts included in the goodie bag.